This problem indicates an application error.

Please always proceed as follows, so that you get a perfect cleaning result:

If the easyLIGHT smears or leaves streaks, please also read the instruction here

  1. Foam the surface well, so that the foam stops and does not run down by itself.
    To do this, add some dish soap directly to the fiber. Only use dishwashing detergent as a cleaner! (Should the foam become too thin in the other windows, add additional detergent to the fiber)

  2. Pull out with the easyLIGHT as follows:
    1. Attach two, three times at the top edge so that the neck is also 100pro dry.
    2. Pull the device straight down while holding down the silicone lip.
    3. (The device is almost on the disc and the tank has roughly 90 ° angle to the disc)
    4. Hold the device at a slight angle to the edge of the window
    5. Slightly slow down just before reaching the lower edge of the window
    6. Pull L-A-N-G-S-A-M over the frame.
    7. Then hold the device upright so that the remaining foam runs into the tank (silicone lip points to the sky)

  3. Clean the window frame with a cloth.

Important - please note:

Never tilt the easyLIGHT forward, as otherwise the water runs out through the openings below the lip.

Remember to empty the tank of the easyLIGHT in good time

When storing the easyLIGHT, make sure that the silicone lip never rests on an uneven surface.

Check the integrity of the silicone lip at the beginning of each cleaning procedure (see card inserted on delivery)